The Swedish Aeronautical Institute -
                                     Svenska Flygtekniska Institutet AB

The Swedish Aeronautical Institute was founded in February 2016, modelled after other international private research institutes. It is registered as a limited company (AB) under the Swedish limited companies act. Operations are focused on three areas: Research-, education- and consulting work in aeronautics. The main objective is to maintain and develop the safety in the air transport system, while providing environmentally and economically sound solutions.


The current focus of the research activities are on aircraft design methodology to cater for new applications and procedures in the air transport system. On current project is aimed at developing flight mechanics and procedures for formation flight in commercial aviation. The institute operates as a 'research hotel' providing base services to independent researchers.


The institute also provides graduate level courses in aerodynamics, flight mechanics, aircraft structures and conceptual aircraft design. In the industrial segment we offer both refresher courses and on-the-job training. Each course is tailored to customer needs while maintaining high international standards.


We also do consultancy work, with both industrial and academic partners. In the portfolio we have: Conceptual Aircraft design, Aerodynamic design, Technical design reviews, Grading committee work for Ph.D. candidates. Legal counselling for aircraft design project managers. See more under: Consulting